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Switching from Solid Fuel to Gas: Off Grid Energy Solutions

Reduce emissions with LPG or LNG

Off grid energy solutions

LPG and LNG are cleaner alternatives to solid fuels and provide a more reliable, long-term fuel supply.

If you currently power your business’s heating or production processes using solid fuels (such as coal, wood pellets or logs), you could significantly reduce your emissions and enhance efficiencies by switching to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas). Gas boilers are also quiet to run, and respond quickly to demand – giving you ultimate control.

Switching to gas – the benefits:


As cleaner, lower carbon fuels, LPG and LNG will help your business to meet government targets (including the Clean Growth Strategy and MCPD), and avoid costly penalties

Fewer pollutants

LPG and LNG offer significant reductions in CO2, NOx (nitrous oxides) and SO2 (sulphur dioxide) emissions and emit almost zero particulate matter (PM).


LPG and LNG are high-efficiency fuels. They are easy to control and provide optimised performance and reduced energy consumption with modern heating systems and fuel injection.

Who can replace solid fuel with gas?

Any business that uses coal or wood for its heating, production or industrial processes can benefit from making the switch to LPG or, if you’re a high energy user, LNG.

Who can replace solid fuel with gas?

Looking to leave solid fuel behind?

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