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LPG for Farming

Clean, reliable, cost-effective

LPG for Farming

LPG – the perfect energy for farms

Whether you need fuel for crop drying, rearing poultry or horticulture, we have a gas solution to meet your farming energy needs.

LPG is a reliable, efficient energy source that’s cleaner and greener than other fuels. If your farm is still running on oil, it could also bring you potential savings on your energy costs.


LPG for crop drying

Drying wheat, maize, barley or rapeseed? LPG is the perfect power source for fixed or mobile grain dryers. Drying with LPG cuts crop wastage and enhances efficiency. LPG is easily controllable, which helps maintain optimum drying conditions.

It’s also cleaner than other fossil fuels, reducing the risk of grain combustion, water ingress or fuel sediment. LPG will safely power a direct-fired burner, and can help reduce costs by prolonging the life of your farming equipment, and reducing maintenance (with no soot build-up).


Fuel for poultry rearing

During the busy rearing season, poultry, game and livestock need a constant, reliable heat supply to survive and thrive. LPG helps keep chicks warm and comfortable.

It’s cleaner and more efficient than oil and solid fuels — helping keep contamination risks to an absolute minimum and eliminating oil leaks. Heat from LPG also provides the perfect level of moisture, promoting quick, even feathering and weight gain.


Horticulture fuel solutions

LPG is an effective, efficient energy solution for horticulture, and is used to maintain constant temperatures during cold months. This eliminates the risk of frost, and maximises flower growth and crop yields. Because it’s a cleaner-burning fuel, opting for LPG also ensures that crops are completely safe from contamination.

Supply options for agriculture

Depending on your usage and storage space, Flogas can provide LPG in bulk tanks or cylinders (or a mix of the two).

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so we offer a flexible supply, tailored to your farm’s requirements — and seasonal fixed pricing to help manage fuel costs. And with more depots than any other LPG supplier, wherever you are, you can rest assured you’ll always have fuel when you need it.

LPG cylinders

When space is a premium, your usage is relatively low or if you require a portable energy supply, LPG cylinders are an ideal option.

Our cylinders are typically fitted in pairs or fours, and changeover kits are available to ensure continuous supply when you need it the most.

Bulk LPG gas tanks

When space is less of a concern, or your usage is higher, then LPG bulk tanks are a popular option.

At Flogas, we’ll manage the whole process for you, ensuring your bulk supply is tailored to your business’ needs and the necessary infrastructure is installed quickly.

We’ll also provide a reliable ‘Auto-Ordering‘ service, so you never have to worry about placing an order for gas or running out.


When it comes to propane enrichment of biomethane (for anaerobic digestion plants), we’re the market leaders.

We’ll provide the complete package — from bespoke design and installation of the injection system through to on-going reliable LPG deliveries.

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