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We care about our people and our planet

Our Sustainability Reports

Taking action in support of people and the planet.

Read our latest report which outlines how we are actively making a positive contribution – from actions to reduce carbon emissions and minimise our environmental impact, to supporting equal opportunities and diversity, and governing our activities to deliver prosperity in a way that is responsible and sustainable.

One of our most demanding challenges is the energy transition – shifting away from fossil fuels and supporting customers in their journey to net zero carbon.

Lee Gannon, Managing Director

Flogas 2040 Vision

At Flogas we are committed to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals.

As a leading LPG supplier, we’re fully committed to building a lower carbon future for UK homes.

We believe the transition to a renewable future should be simple with the lowest level of disruption possible for end users.

We endeavour to supply customers with 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040. Not only will this help towards meeting the UK’s environmental targets, but it means our customers maintain all the benefits that gas has to offer.

Sustainability news

Flogas launches Carbon Offsetting for Businesses

If driving down your business’ carbon footprint sounds like something you might be interested in, read all about Flogas’ Carbon Offsetting Proposition today.

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How can manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint?

Leading energy expert Flogas Britain looks at how manufacturers can meet impending targets by reducing emissions at their source.

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Flogas’ Reaction to the PM’s Net Zero Emissions Announcement

As a leading LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) supplier we have welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision to set the 2050 net zero emissions target into UK law.

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Flogas offets its 2019 emissions

Leading LPG supplier Flogas Britain has today announced that it will offset its 2019 carbon emissions – as it unveils its 2040 Vision plans to build a lower-carbon future for off-grid homes and businesses across the UK.

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Helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals

Carbon offsetting

We’ve committed to offsetting our Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2e emissions. We also offer both homeowners and businesses the chance to Carbon Offset their emissions.

Oil to gas

We help our consumer and business customers to reduce their carbon emissions and improve air quality by switching from oil to gas.


We’ve made our fleet cleaner and greener by introducing bio-LNG powered trucks. We’re also expanding our offering to commercial and industrial customers.

Security of supply

We’ve been granted planning permission for a large-scale LPG storage terminal in Avonmouth that will increase the UK’s total LPG storage capability.