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Caravan & Holiday Parks

Reliable, cost-effective LPG for caravan sites

Manage a caravan or holiday park?

If you own or manage a caravan or holiday park, LPG is the ideal energy solution.

It’s a cleaner alternative to solid fuels and oil, highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective — helping you save on running costs and reduce your carbon emissions. It’s also perfect for heating and real flame gas cooking, so residents and guests can enjoy all the benefits of mains gas off the grid.

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LPG for holiday parks

We know each park has it’s own energy requirements, and there’s no one-size-fits-all LPG solution.

At Flogas we offer a flexible supply. Whether you need bulk LPG tanks, gas bottles (or both), or even a metered network, we’ll tailor it to your holiday park’s exact needs. We also know your guests’ satisfaction is your number one priority — so we’ll keep downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum. 

Supply options…

Gas Bottles

Our 47kg and 19kg propane cylinders are an excellent option where space is limited, and larger bulk installations are not possible.

Compact and efficient, our cylinder range is perfect for meeting your guests’ heating and cooking needs. Gas bottles are typically fitted in pairs or fours, and changeover kits are available to ensure continuous supply when you need it the most.

Bulk LPG

When space is less of a concern, or your usage is higher, then LPG bulk tanks are a popular option.

Depending on your needs, we can install your tanks above or discreetly below the ground. We’ll manage the whole process for you, ensuring the necessary infrastructure is installed quickly.

We’ll also provide a reliable ‘top up’ service, so you never have to worry about running out of gas.

Porthmadog holiday park taken from the air by a drone showing holiday houses and British holiday lifestyle.

Metered supply

A Flogas metered supply is where LPG is piped to individual mobile homes from a central tank (or tanks).

This allows guests and residents to benefit from a metered service (each with their own smart gas meter), similar to being on the mains gas network. We’ll survey your site free of charge, and we’ll manage the whole installation process for you.

Why Flogas?

We’ve got more than 35 years’ experience supplying LPG to holiday and home parks.

We’re also members of the NCC — so our expert team understands your industry and your energy needs. 

We keep our prices competitive and tailor our pricing packages to suit your site’s needs, which we believe is unique to the industry. We also provide the very best service — from initial consultation through to design, installation and ongoing support.

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