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Safer Fill Systems for line marking and hot boxes

Reduce your loading times

Making gas refilling cheaper, faster, easier & safe

If your business operates line marking or road repair machinery, Flogas Safer Fill Systems could save you money, reduce your loading times and improve the safety of your operations.

Whether you need LPG for screed trucks, hot boxes, hot planning, cat’s eye installations, feeder trucks, mobile dryers, multi-marks, anti-skid, airport or council line marking – we’ve got you covered.

Our Safer Fill System has been developed to make gas bottle refilling cheaper, faster, easier and safer for your line marking and road repair business.

Safer gas bottle and tank refilling


Our Safer Fill Systems have a fixed ground-level fill point.

So there’s no need for manual lifting, climbing onto the vehicle, working at height or opening ullage valves when you refill your LPG cylinders. This significantly reduces workplace risk.


We also offer fixed ground-level filling for CAT1 tanks on the back of your trucks, with the option of in-cab telemetry.

You won’t need to climb on top of your tank to fill, and you can easily see how much gas you have left – again, reducing your risk of injury.

Safer Fill Systems: the benefits

The safest gas filling system

We take the safety of your workforce seriously, offering the safest filling systems available.

Cheaper and more efficient

More accurate refilling reduces the potential for overfilling. There’s no wasted or returned gas, which saves on cost (and lowers your environmental impact).

Hassle-free gas cylinder refilling

The bottles we fit stay on the vehicle, so there’s no need to exchange cylinders – and you don’t need cages full of spares.

Faster LPG refills

Filling all cylinders at once from a fixed point means faster loading – and quicker gas refilling overall.

What our customers say

Flogas’ Safer Fill System has eliminated any manual handling or working at heights risk with my employees. They can safely refill the cylinders from the ground, the system is quick and easy to use and the installation of the bulk tank was hassle-free.

David Moore
Fleet & Logistics Manager, Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd

Why Flogas?

We take safety seriously. We’ve partnered with a third party to offer Safer Fill Systems to reduce your workplace risk, but it doesn’t stop there.

We uphold the strictest standards in everything we do, as specified by UKLPG (the UK’s LPG trade association) and COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) regulations. So with us you know you’re in safe hands.

We also have more LPG depots than any other UK supplier, so you can count on reliable gas deliveries wherever you are. And with over 35 years’ experience in the fuelling business, when it comes to LPG, we’ve got you covered.

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