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Dairy energy

Cut carbon and reduce costs

Clean, reliable fuel for dairy processing and manufacturing

Whether your dairy energy is used to produce milk, butter, cheese or other dairy products, if your business is still running on oil or solid fuels and you’re off the mains gas grid, then LPG or LNG is the ideal solution.

The benefits of switching from oil to gas:


Switching from oil to gas can offer potential cost savings.

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LPG is a lower-carbon alternative to oil with approximately a 20% lower carbon intensity. Since it does not contain sulphur, LPG is also a cleaner burning fuel than oil.*

Plus, you can now offset your LPG gas carbon emissions!

Meet Dairy Energy UK Targets

LPG and LNG are lower carbon emitting fuels compared to oil, helping you to meet your Dairy UK ‘Road Map’ targets.

* Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 – BEIS The role of LPG & bioLPG in Europe, WLPGA

Find out what emissions savings you could achieve by switching from oil to gas…
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When switching from to LPG* you could save up to…
  • KG CO2% savings
  • NOx% savings
  • PM% savings
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*Calculations based on provided amount of in comparison with the equivalent for LPG to generate the savings estimates.

UK Government Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors 2018


National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory – Emissions Factor database 2016

Abbreviations: Nitrous Oxide (NOx). Particulate Matter (PM). Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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Why Flogas?

Switching from oil to gas has never been easier with Flogas


Turnkey solutions

We’ll take care of everything, from civil works through to installation and commissioning. You’ll also have a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to assist with any queries you may have.


Dependable deliveries

We proudly have more depots than any other UK LPG supplier. So, whether your business requires cylinders or bulk gas (or both) – we’ll provide a supply you can rely on. Also, our free ‘Auto-Ordering’ service means we’ll remotely monitor your usage to ensure we always keep you topped up.


Competitive pricing

As a leading LPG supplier, we’re able to keep our prices competitive, so they continue to make real business sense for our customers.

Want to find out more?

The Dairy UK Roadmap explained

In 2018 Dairy UK created a ‘Roadmap’ to showcase their 10-year commitment to improving the industry’s environmental impact, with policies such as a “30% relative reduction in carbon related to dairy energy use at processing sites by 2025”. Flogas can help businesses like yours achieve this. Learn more.

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