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Why is 20mm Butane being phased out?


Why are the 20mm cylinders being phased out?

20mm Butane cylinders represent a small, declining portion of our overall Butane volume. To rationalise Flogas’s cylinder range and improve availability of key products, we are conducting a phased withdrawal of all 20mm butane products.


Can I still order 20mm cylinders?

Yes, 20mm Butane cylinders are still available at some depots, however the cylinder population is shrinking as these cylinders come out of test and require maintenance work. We are no longer reconditioning / recertifying 20mm Butane cylinders, any that require work are being converted to 21mm Butane cylinders. To this end they are still available from some sites. If 20mm butane cylinders are not available at the point of order, we are not able to advise when they will become available again.


Which cylinders does this affect?

13kg, 7kg and 4.5kg Butane cylinders with a 20mm valve.


How long will it take to phase out 20mm cylinders?

It’s difficult to say, Flogas has many, many cylinders in circulation with the population being built up over a number of years. Each cylinder has a different date for testing, and it’s not known whether cylinders currently in customers possession that will be exchanged will require a test.


Why can’t I find 20mm cylinders on the website?

Flogas is moving away from 20mm Butane cylinders and customers are advised to instead order a 21mm Butane cylinder.



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