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Underground LPG gas tank

Choose and LPF installation that’s right by you, but right out of sight,

Underground LPG tanks are an ideal way to store your domestic LPG without losing your garden space or spoiling your great view.

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We take care of the installation process and our Auto Ordering service delivers your bulk LPG supply according to your usage levels.

Our team of energy experts Flogas customer service team can help you answer any questions you might have about our LPG tanks. When one of our energy specialists visits your home, they’ll use our checklist to see if your garden is best suited to an underground tank, or whether an above ground LPG tank would be more suitable.

Installation requirements

Due to crane and lifting equipment restrictions the Flogas vessel can’t be sited directly underneath electrical power cables. 

Other services, such as electricity, drains or water can’t pass through the area where your tank will be buried. 

We have a minimum depth requirement for the LPG service pipe.

The LPG service pipe needs to be laid in a trench with a minimum depth of 600mm and minimum width of 300mm. All other services must be separated by 250mm from the LPG pipework. 

The backfill immediately around the tank should be pea gravel – 6mm to dust – in order to allow correct drainage. Where a site has a high-water table, additional precautions may be required to prevent water from accumulating in the tank turret.

Post installation requirements

Once your underground LPG tank has been installed, the land above the tank may be covered with turf or gravel.

The area immediately around the Flogas tank should be kept clear of debris and vegetation. Under no circumstances should vehicle parking be allowed on top of the tank. Continuous concrete or tarmac is not acceptable as a ground level finish, as this will impact on our ability to measure the readings from the cathodic protection system protecting the vessel. This may also affect your freedom to swap LPG suppliers in the future.

Full details of how to keep your bulk tank installation safe can be found here.


To safely deliver your LPG, the driver must be able to reach the tank and maintain a line of sight to the tanker.

The delivery hose cannot be taken through a building or enclosed passageway. Access to the property is required, and gateways and other entryways should be at least 3m wide to allow the tanker to pass. 

Book a free no-obligation site survey.

Our energy specialists can help you answer any questions you might have about LPG tanks and advise you with a free no-obligation site survey to help you.

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Above ground tanks

Five reasons to choose Flogas for domestic LPG tanks

A proud history

We’ve helped fuel off-grid homes across the UK for over 35 years

National network

We have a network of depots across England, Wales and Scotland – so we can deliver to you.

Hassle-free supply

We’ll manage all aspects of your installation. giving you a hassle-free energy supply.
You can take advantage of our free Auto ordering service, which makes sure you have LPG whenever you need it.

Competetive Pricing

We’ll work with you to calculate a compettive price based on the right solution for you, and how and when you’ll be using your LPG.

Dedicated customer service

Our friendly customer service team is always on hand to help answer questions and find the best LPG solution for you.

Your LPG solution, your way

We know that each off-grid home is different, but we love different.

Above ground tanks

Easy to install, our above ground LPG gas tanks are a great fit for many of our customers.

Gas bottles

The ideal flexible solution for customers who would like LPG, without the space for a bulk tank.