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Above ground LPG gas tanks

Get your home flo-ing right with an easy above ground tank installation

Above ground LPG gas tanks are the right fit for many of our customers. A concrete base is all that’s required for us to deliver the vessel and – the LPG supply can be connected right away.

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You can keep your LPG supply at the right level with ease by using our Auto Ordering Service. This is an effective way for us to deliver LPG whenever you need it.

We can visit your home to look at how an above ground tank would work for you, or if your home could benefit from an underground LPG gas tank.

Installation requirements

Your domestic LPG gas tanks must be three metres away from buildings, boundaries, and fixed sources of ignition.

 If your property does not allow these distances to be met, one side of the above-ground LPG gas tank can have a reduced separation distance of 1.5 metres with the use of a suitably designed ‘fire wall’. If you do need a fire wall, we advise that this should be precisely specified by one of our energy specialists. The other three sides surrounding the tank must have a three metre clearance. 

As LPG vapour is heavier than air, the vessel should not be positioned within three metres of unsealed drains or gullies. 

There must be a 1.5 metre distance (in plan view) from low voltage overhead power cables and 10m from high voltage cables. 

Post installation requirements

Once the LPG vessel is installed, the area surrounding it needs to be kept free of obstacles.

This means rubbish, litter, overgrown vegetation, trees, sheds and fences shouldn’t be within three metres of the tank. You can shield the tank from view by using screening, although these must be a minimum of one metre from the tank and shouldn’t stop the area around the tank from being properly ventilated. 

Full details of how to keep your bulk tank installation safe can be found here.


To safely deliver your LPG, the driver must be able to reach the tank and maintain a line of sight to the tanker.

The delivery hose cannot be taken through a building or enclosed passageway.  

To safely deliver your LPG, the driver must be able to reach the tank and maintain a line of sight to the tanker.

Book a free no-obligation site survey.

Our energy specialists can help you answer any questions you might have about LPG tanks and advise you with a free no-obligation site survey to help you.

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Above ground tanks

Five reasons to choose Flogas for domestic LPG tanks

A proud history

We’ve helped fuel off-grid homes across the UK for over 35 years

National network

We have a network of depots across England, Wales and Scotland – so we can deliver to you.

Hassle-free supply

We’ll manage all aspects of your installation. giving you a hassle-free energy supply.
You can take advantage of our free Auto ordering service, which makes sure you have LPG whenever you need it.

Competetive Pricing

We’ll work with you to calculate a compettive price based on the right solution for you, and how and when you’ll be using your LPG.

Dedicated customer service

Our friendly customer service team is always on hand to help answer questions and find the best LPG solution for you.

Your LPG solution, your way

We know that each off-grid home is different, but we love different.

Underground tanks

An ideal way to store your domestic LPG without losing your garden space or spoiling your great view.

Gas bottles

The ideal flexible solution for customers who would like LPG, without the space for a bulk tank.