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How do I get better heating in my off-grid home?

Heating is top-of-mind for many of us, especially given the ongoing energy crisis. As we look towards more future-ready alternatives, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) could prove the best short and medium-term option for your off-grid home, giving you benefits over oil and solid fuels and with a lower carbon footprint. Immediately available, LPG can be your middle-term solution while you consider longer-term renewable alternatives currently under development.

LPG produces reduced emissions compared to an oil-fuelled boiler, and because it’s a colourless hydrocarbon gas, it doesn’t create the same smells, soot, or ash that oil burners do. What’s more, LPG can be used for both heating and cooking, and still produces a large amount of heat by volume — so it remains an efficient way to heat your home.

If you’re not ready or able to make the complete switch to renewables such as solar or heat pumps, LPG offers a flexible middle ground so you can cut your household emissions without a huge change in your current set-up. With LPG, a tank or cylinders will be located on-site, and your heating system will draw from this to warm your home. When you are ready to consider new energy options, LPG can work as a blended solution with heat pumps, solar panels, and other renewable technologies.

With the UK Government’s goal to phase out off-gas grid fossil fuel heating in mind, LPG is the ideal bridging solution, getting your home ready for renewable alternatives like bio-propane and renewable DME, even lower carbon fuels that are literally around the corner. Trials for rDME are due to start in 2024 and access to biopropane is expected to improve significantly over the next decade.

Flogas is a leading supplier of LPG and blended solutions for off-grid homes. Are you ready to make the switch? Speak to us today and explore your options to get the best heating today and prepare for tomorrow!

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