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LPG for Vehicles – Autogas

Cut vehicle costs and carbon emissions

Autogas from the experts

Autogas (LPG for vehicles) is a low carbon energy source when compared to traditional motor fuels like diesel and petrol.

It can help businesses with high road fuel bills reduce their running costs and carbon emissions. At Flogas, we have a national network of key sites and a unique fuel management system to make Autogas a hassle-free option for your business. 

Want to know more about Autogas? Already using LPG for vehicles but paying over the odds? Looking into petrol or diesel alternatives to run your fleet? Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Our Autogas experts will help reduce your fuel bills, without the stress.

The benefits:


Switching from diesel or petrol to Autogas could save you money on your annual fuel costs. There are also some Congestion Charge exemptions, car tax reductions and lower duty rates on LPG as a low carbon automotive fuel.

Low Carbon

Switching from diesel* to LPG will reduce your NOx emissions meaning you’ll reduce your business’s carbo

n footprint.



Whether you want to power your whole fleet or just one or two cars, Autogas can reduce your bills and your carbon footprint. With a dual-fuel setup (with petrol back-up) you get all the benefits, with full peace of mind and an increased driving range to boot.

What is Autogas?

Simply put, Autogas is the name we use for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) when it’s used to power vehicles.

Autogas has all the same properties as the LPG used for heating and cooking by domestic and business customers. When it’s used in vehicles it delivers impressive performance and significant savings compared to petrol or diesel.

Autogas for fleets

Converting 10 or more vehicles? Then you can benefit from our Fleet Package.

Our experts will create an Autogas solution that’s tailored to your needs. We can handle everything from the initial savings analysis through to vehicle conversions, lease agreements, LPG storage solutions, refuelling options (including on-site supply), and installation.

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PLEASE NOTE – Due to a shortage of Autogas Keys, we’re currently unable to set up new Autogas Keysite Accounts.