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LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG: cost-efficient, off-grid gas for high energy users

Running a highly energy-intensive process or fleet?

If your business has continuous, energy-intensive processes or you want to run your fleet on a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly fuel, then liquefied natural gas (LNG) could be the ideal energy solution.

As well as being a reliable, powerful, and abundant fuel source, LNG is cleaner than all other fossil fuels, and can deliver significant cost-savings.  

Whatever your business (industry, transport or marine), and whatever your current fuel – at Flogas, we have you covered. Our team of energy experts will design an LNG solution that’s tailored to meet your exact needs and deliver the best savings. Plus, we’ll manage the whole process for you, with minimal downtime.

LNG — the benefits


If you’re switching from oil or diesel to LNG, you could enjoy potential cost-savings on your annual fuel bills.


LNG is the cleanest burning off-grid fossil fuel, releasing significantly less carbon and fewer pollutant emissions, including NOx, SOx and particulate matter (PM).


As a cleaner fuel, LNG helps businesses to meet carbon and pollutant reduction targets set out in the Clean Growth Strategy, ULEZ, Marpol and Medium Combustion Plant Directive.


LNG is in global abundance, so businesses can rely on a long-term, dependable supply. Its prices are more stable than other fuels too.

What is LNG?

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a natural gas that is cooled down for easy and safe transportation and storage. It is then turned back into a gas when it reaches it’s destination and can be used in a wide range of industries.

It is composed primarily of methane and is created by cooling natural gas to an extremely low temperature (-162°C). As well as being an extremely efficient fuel, it’s completely odourless, colourless, non-toxic and non-corrosive — providing a safer and more environmentally-friendly gas for businesses.

LNG also takes up about 600 times less space than natural gas and is incredibly lightweight (lighter than water), making it much more efficient to transport and store. LNG is the world’s fastest-growing gas supply source.


LNG for industry

We supply tens of thousands of tonnes of LNG each year for industrial use, cutting business’ fuel costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

We have one of the largest, most technically-advanced LNG fleets in the UK, allowing us to provide a truly reliable supply to both large and small-scale industrial applications across the UK.


LNG for marine

LNG is one of the cleanest marine fuels available and is suitable for a variety of vessels, including container ships, passenger ships and ferries.

Not only does it release fewer CO2 and SOx emissions, but it is a cost-effective alternative to conventional fuels. It is also compliant with the pending legislation surrounding marine shipping fuels globally. 


LNG for transport

Whether you operate just a few vehicles, or you have an extensive HGV fleet, LNG will keep your business moving. It delivers significant CO2 savings compared to conventional fuels (such as diesel) and also offers substantial fuel savings.

At Flogas, we have one the biggest LNG fleets in the UK, providing a truly reliable supply.

Why choose Flogas LNG?

Don’t just take it from us

Which businesses benefit from LNG?

LNG is most suitable for businesses with a continuous high energy demand (rather than on/off processes), including manufacturing, heating, power generation and other industrial operations.

It is also popular with marine shipping and transportation companies. 

The journey of LNG…

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Interested in switching to a cleaner fuel?

Bio-LNG is a highly sustainable version of LNG, with almost the exact same chemical makeup. Bio-LNG is most suitable for businesses with a continuous high energy demand (rather than on/off processes). This includes manufacturing, heating, power generation and other industrial operations. It’s also popular with transportation companies. 

Why Flogas?

A bespoke solution

Our in-house project design team and specialist engineers will listen to your energy needs and provide a tailored LNG solution that delivers the best results for your business.


Before any work is carried out, we’ll show you exactly what cost and carbon savings you can expect from your new system.


We’ll take care of everything, ensuring a seamless transition over to LNG – from civil works through to installation and the commissioning of new equipment.

On-going support

Once the installation is complete, we’ll continue to provide ongoing support, so your business will always run smoothly.

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