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Get smart with gas to power

If you are currently using diesel power generators, you could benefit from immediate cost and emissions savings with Liquid Gas power generators, which have a lower carbon footprint and enhanced green credentials.

Liquid Gas is an available, reliable and proven option for power generation. Flogas are working with power generator partners to deliver Liquid Gas power generation solutions for businesses like yours.

Power generation by Liquid Gas has a low emissions profile than diesel power: with low emissions of NOx, CO2 and particulates – making it ideal for emission sensitive sites.

The benefits of switching from diesel to Liquid Gas

Cost savings

Liquid Gas offers immediate cost savings with the red diesel tax subsidy ending on 31st March 2022.

Reduced environmental impact

Liquid Gas has lower CO2e, particulate matter and NOx emissions than diesel

Increased productivity

Liquid Gas is stored directly on site, and feeds the generator with constant and consistent power which increases uptime


Generators powered by Liquid Gas are quieter, and there is no requirement for the Ad-blue needed to reduce NOx emissions

Reliable and consistent

Liquid Gas offers reliability regardless of weather conditions, meaning you’re not at risk of power loss due to electrical outage or emergencies

Safe from theft

Liquid Gas has no risks of spilling, is safe to use and store and cannot be stolen

Complete solutions

A temporary or permanent power generation solution which includes a power generator and Liquid Gas supply available nationwide

Our solution in action

A powerful partnership:

  • Together, we can design a bespoke energy solution that suits your business
  • We provide reliable deliveries and excellent service – with first-rate quality
  • You can benefit from auto-ordering. We will top up your tank when you’re running low, taking the hassle out of ordering your energy
  • As well as reducing your carbon emissions by switching from oil to gas, you can also offset your gas carbon emissions.

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