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Iconic Grade II Listed Building, London

Modernising heritage with sustainable solutions

This historic and iconic grade II listed building system was at end of life & reaching the point where they would become beyond economical repair.

A grade II listed Victorian Iconic building, located in the heart of London, faced a critical challenge. Its heating system was nearing the end of its life cycle, teetering on the brink of becoming too expensive to repair. This landmark, steeped in history since its inception in 1896, posed a unique energy dilemma that required an innovative and heartfelt resolution.

Working hand in hand with a structure that had seen the evolution of time, and covered an expansive 34,931 square meters, required a solution that not only addressed the energy challenge but also respected the building’s storied past. The building is also home to a significant TV production company, various hospitality businesses, and a number of office spaces, which meant disruption needed to be kept to a minimum.

Protech Group’s team of experts embarked on a mission to preserve the legacy while embracing sustainability. A new package burner system was meticulously designed and specified. This solution boasted multifaceted benefits, including a significant reduction in carbon footprint and NOx levels, alongside unwavering operational reliability.


Holburn, London

Energy solution

Low NOx digital burner plant


  • MCPD compliant
  • Winner of Retrofit of the Year, HVN Awards 2021
  • Compassionate solution for Historic Building

A Triumph of Innovation, Sustainability, and Recognition

Protech Group’s commitment to excellence was recognised on a grand scale as the project secured the prestigious HVN ‘Retrofit of the Year’ Award at the H&V News Awards 2021.

This project highlights how innovative companies like Protech can support companies in meaningful reductions of their carbon & other harmful emissions even with relatively small budgets. Their ability to integrate new technology with existing plant impressed our panel & showcased their deep industry knowledge.

HVN ‘Retrofit of the Year’ Judging Panel (2021)

Project results:

Maintained historic grade II listed building

Our team of energy experts carefully designed and specified an energy solution that ensured minimal disruption to the building.

Ensuring heating system is MCPD Compliant

We replaced the existing 3 x electro / mechanical gas burners on the main boiler plant with a new Ultra Low NOx digital burner plant. This work included the integration of the new equipment into the existing system.

Improved efficiency

Replacing the dated heating system with new burners has meant an increase in energy efficiency.

Are you looking for a new heating solution for your business?

Whether you’re at the initial stage of simply having questions about adopting low carbon practices or you’re ready to take concrete steps towards a more sustainable future, our team of energy experts is here to support you.