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Insurance Co, Scotland

Empowering businesses with blended energy solutions

Transitioning to renewable energy for self-sufficiency

An insurance provider with a bustling Scottish head office employing approximately 900 people, had a clear commitment to a sustainable future. Striving for energy self-sufficiency, the company embarked on an inspiring journey to harness the power of renewable resources. However, their path was not without challenges.

The initial vision involved wind turbines. Yet, navigating the intricate web of planning approvals proved a little challenging. Despite the roadblocks, the team’s determination remained unwavering. This spirit led them to a partnership with Protech Group.

Protech Group were able to listen to their clients’ needs. Collaboratively, a bespoke solution emerged – a blended solution of new energy efficient Hydrogen ready boilers and Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) systems. This innovative blend addressed the energy demands of Insurance Co’s expansive operations, meaning they are able to eventually phase out using fossil fuels but also ensuring consistent and efficient heating.



Energy Solution

  • Hydrogen Ready Boilers
  • Air Source Heat Pump

  • Blended energy solution
  • MCPD Compliant
  • Low carbon technology

Partnering with Protech Group: The Energy Evolution

Today, the results are tangible. Protech understood the sustainability journey the insurance company is on, so ensured the boiler solution provided is suitable for renewable fuels such as Hydrogen when they become readily available.

The journey exemplified by Insurance Co highlights Protech Group’s dedication to tailor-made solutions. The team at Protech were able to understand the customers requirements and were able to offer a pathway to a low carbon future.

I take immense pride in the delivery of this project, as it encompassed deep collaborative working within all divisions of Protech Group. The client was delighted with the project execution on such a complex site and the outcomes from the project exceeded their expectations. The success of this project was further endorsed by our industry peers when this project was awarded HVAC Project of the Year in the Heating & Ventilating Awards 2022.

Robert Watt, Senior Project Delivery Manager

Project results:

Blended energy solution

The project resulted in providing a blended solution which will allow the client to eventually move away from fossil fuels.

MCPD compliant

Compliance was key for the insurance company, so Protech ensured the blended energy solution would be MCPD complaint.

Low Carbon technology

We installed the most energy efficient plant possible at this juncture which will ensure the client is able to deliver the current requirements of the site whilst making significant progress towards their net zero commitments.

Are you inspired by Insurance Co’s transformation?

Let us be your catalyst for change. At Protech Group, we’re not just energy experts – we’re partners in your progress. Our team is dedicated to crafting tailored solutions that align with your unique goals and challenges.