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Customer case study: Homeowner oil to LPG

Central LPG supply proves most efficient for smallholding owners

Having always dreamt of more space and owning their own land, in August 2022, Tim and Amanda Arnold made the big move from their 3-bed semi-detached home in Hertfordshire, to a 4-acre smallholding just outside the scenic village of Holsworthy, North Devon.

This rural smallholding included a spacious 3-bed bungalow, a brand new 2-bed holiday rental as well as a 6-bed static caravan, which they now use for visiting friends and family.

When they bought the site, the main bungalow had recently had a new oil boiler installed, however, bottled LPG was providing heating, hot water, and cooking gas for both the holiday rental and caravan. Keen to install a gas cooker in their home, whilst also finding a more centralised and efficient energy solution that could eventually service all three properties, the couple decided to invest in a bulk LPG supply.


Holsworthy, Devon


Smallholding, including a bungalow, holiday rental and static caravan

LPG use

Heating, hot water and cooking gas

LPG Benefits

Convenience: A central supply that services all three properties

Efficiency: The most affordable and effective solution

Control: A fully controllable cooking flame

A futureproof central supply

“We wanted to find the best way to efficiently heat our holiday cottage and caravan, whilst also bringing in a gas line to the main bungalow,” said Amanda Arnold. “Having a gas cooker was a big priority for me. I much prefer cooking with gas, and having a controllable flame makes it so much easier. By installing a bulk LPG tank, it meant we could service the caravan and holiday let much more efficiently, and I could get my dream cooker at the same time!

“It also means we’re perfectly set up to transition away from oil in the main bungalow, which is all part of our plan.  We want to move fully over to LPG, and when we do – the switch will be seamless. We know our system is green gas ready too, so it’s great to know that we’ll be able to improve our carbon footprint over time too without having to change any equipment.”

The most cost-effective option 

The couple originally looked at renewable heat sources, but the cost was too prohibitive. Having inherited the LPG gas bottles from the previous owners, they knew LPG was an effective and economical energy source, but having a bulk supply, would be even more cost effective.

“We’re still doing the finishing touches to our holiday rental, but we know this will save us money,” added Amanda. “The price for gas is certainly cheaper than oil prices, and with Flogas we’ve been able to fix our plan for two years, which has really helped with our budgeting. You simply can’t do that with oil. The price is what you’re quoted on the day, and it’s incredibly volatile – so it’s great to now have that certainty.

Convenience & peace of mind

“We had the space to accommodate a bulk LPG tank, so it just made sense, and this now sits round the side of one of our barns, above ground and nicely out of sight. It’s so much more convenient for us and means we don’t have to keep checking gas levels on bottles or remembering to replace them.

“Not only does it need fewer top ups, but the tank is also fitted with special auto top-up technology, which means we never have to think about ordering more gas or worry about running out. It automatically does it all for you! This means we will always have the gas we need, which is great peace of mind.”

The one-tonne LPG tank is perfectly equipped to service all the three properties, meeting all their heating, hot water, and cooking gas needs. “We’re hoping to have animals at some stage too, so it’s great to know we have a large enough energy store to meet all our needs, both now and well into the future,” adds Amanda.

A perfect fit

“We did some research into the best LPG providers and the team at Flogas was so quick to respond and super helpful. They were always on hand to answer any queries and worked really collaboratively with us – as we wanted to do our own groundwork and dig the trenches ourselves.

“Once we’d done our bit, Flogas came in and laid the pipes, installed the tank and regulators – the install was seamless. We’re just doing a few finishing touches to the rental property now and hope to switch it all on in Spring, ready for the holiday season – we can’t wait!”

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