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Customer case study: Press on Vinyl

Liquid gas set to deliver record savings for vinyl production company

Vinyl record factory, Press On Vinyl, is set to use liquid gas to power its brand new 15,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility. By opting for liquid gas instead of electricity, the company will save a substantial 77% on its energy costs and will be well equipped to meet its rapid growth ambitions.

The Middlesbrough company, which launches in January 2022, is being set up specifically to cater for smaller, independent music labels and, it’s new, modern vinyl record factory will produce 100,000 records every month. It will manage the whole record production process in-house, from vinyl pressing through to label printing, packaging and mailing.

Press On Vinyl has two cutting-edge vinyl presses to manage already soaring customer demand. These machines melt vinyl PVC pellets at high temperatures using steam boilers and then stamp and cool the records. This is a highly energy intensive process, so it needed to find an energy source that was both dependable, and efficient.


Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire


Liquid gas-fired steam boilers for vinyl record production


  • Saving 77% on energy costs (compared to electricity)
  • Offsetting 100% of gas carbon emissions

We initially looked at mains gas, but the cost to install a gas line was completely cost prohibitive. We also explored mains electricity, but the infrastructure simply couldn’t support our energy needs. Liquid gas not only comfortably meets our growing energy requirements, but compared to electricity it saves us 77%, which will make a huge impact on our bottom line. It’s the perfect solution for us logistically and financially.

Andrew Kilvington, Operations and Engineering Manager at Press On Vinyl

A tailored solution with carbon offsetting

The Flogas team worked closely with Press On Vinyl to create an energy solution that was tailor-made to meet their needs and they installed a liquid gas solution, which feeds directly through to two 260 kW steam boilers. These tanks will automatically alert Flogas when a liquid gas delivery is required so Press On Vinyl never has to worry about ordering gas.

The company has also enrolled in Flogas’s Carbon Offsetting scheme, allowing it to offset any unavoidable gas carbon emissions. Using carbon credits, it will compensate for any emissions by funding sustainability projects around the world that deliver quantifiable greenhouse gas reductions.

Set up for sustainability

“Sustainability is incredibly important to us at Press On Vinyl, and we firmly believe we should all be doing everything we can to be cleaner and greener. Liquid gas is a much cleaner alternative to more traditional, carbon heavy off-grid fuels like oil, plus we’re able to offset any unavoidable emissions. As we look ahead at meeting net zero targets, we know that renewable green liquid gas will be an excellent option for us. The good news is, by running on liquid gas now, we’re already set up to simply switch over to green gas when it’s available. We’ll be able to become completely carbon neutral in the future without having to change a thing.”

“We have ambitious growth targets and aim to grow the business by 100 percent in its first year, and 50 percent in years two and three. We plan to be the biggest of our kind in the UK. The potential is truly phenomenal, and no-one has been effectively serving this part of the market, until now. We’ve already got plans for two more steam boilers next summer, and Flogas is ready to support us as we rapidly expand. We know we can rely on the team – the customer service has been above and beyond.”

Andrew Kilvington, Operations and Engineering Manager at Press On Vinyl

We’ve worked closely with Press On Vinyl from the beginning to make sure they have an energy solution that will effectively meet their needs now and in line with their future growth projections. Liquid gas is a reliable and efficient solution for them and compared to electricity it will save them a truly significant amount of money.

It will also help them on the road to net zero, which we know is very important to them. They are able to offset emissions now and will be fully set up for renewable green gas once it becomes available.

Ian Martin, Business Energy Manager at Flogas

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