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Customer Case Study: Tyrrells Crisps

Tyrrells Crisps cuts carbon emissions by over 14% with switch to LNG

As part of a continued sustainability drive, one of the UK’s largest potato crisp manufacturers, Tyrrells Crisps, has converted its energy supply to liquefied natural gas (LNG) in a move that will reduce its carbon emissions by over 14% per year.

Based at their potato crisp factory in Herefordshire and part of the KP Snacks family, Tyrrells produces over 86 million bags of crisps every year. With high energy demands to consider, the off-grid company wanted to find a way of increasing energy efficiency and lowering its carbon footprint. It was also looking for a solution to reduce deliveries and improve site safety.

As proven experts in delivering innovative solutions for high energy users, Flogas was approached by Tyrrells to help resolve their energy and site challenges and the team delivered a complete turnkey energy solution.


Leominster, Herefordshire


Food production


  • Annual carbon emissions cut by 14%
  • 40% reduction in site deliveries with fewer transport emissions
  • Lower energy costs

A turnkey Flogas solution

“From the initial planning stages through to the site’s final completion we were able to embed ourselves entirely within the Tyrrells business. This allowed the project team to gain a deep understanding of the site’s energy needs and deliver a solution that’s improved the business across the board. This project is a great example of how LNG can be a huge benefit to a large-scale energy users, whilst improving the safety of workers on site.”

Mark Rutherford, National Business Development Manager, Flogas

As a company, we’re constantly evaluating the way we work to introduce new sustainability measures. By working with Flogas and switching to LNG, we will be reducing our carbon emissions by over 14%, cutting our energy costs and using the cleaner burning natural gas.”

Eileen Wilkes|Head of Manufacturing from Tyrrells

Supporting site safety

“From a site safety perspective, one of the main issues we faced with the previous layout of the site was that we were limited in terms of our storage space. This meant that as our business grew, several deliveries of fuel were needed each week to meet energy demands, which in turn presented potential risks with additional vehicle movements around narrow country roads and a busy site.
“Working alongside Flogas enabled us to identify an area on site, then design, plan and construct a purpose-built gasification plant. Working with their planning partners and the site team, Flogas took care of all the specific planning requirements, so we didn’t need to worry about them.
“As the LNG is now self-contained and located to the side of the main site, delivery trucks will no longer need to interact with site movements, minimising any risk to staff. This solution will also allow us to reduce site deliveries by 40%, resulting in fewer transport emissions and less disruption to local residents.”
Eileen Wilkes, Head of Manufacturing from Tyrrells

Flogas – A sustainable supplier

By choosing Flogas LNG, Tyrrells also benefits from working with a supplier that’s fully committed to delivering a lower carbon future. In its first ever Sustainability Report, Flogas has pledged to reduce its own direct carbon emissions by 20% by 2025 and plans to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. Outlined in its 2040 Vision, Flogas also has an ambition to supply customers with 100% renewable energy by 2040.

Green gases Bio-LNG and Bio-LPG will play an important role as the UK transitions on the pathway to net zero. They are chemically identical, renewable alternatives to LPG and LNG, so businesses can seamlessly transition over and become carbon neutral with no changes to equipment.

A seamless switch

The switchover to LNG has been seamless. Factory downtime was kept to a minimum as the switchover was made in incremental stages, with new tanks being installed on site whilst existing tanks were still in operation. Flogas has been there to guide us each step of the way and we’ve been kept well informed throughout the entire process.
We look forward to creating the same top-quality crisps we’ve become known for but with less of an impact on
the environment.

Eileen Wilkes, Head of Manufacturing from Tyrrells

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