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LPG gas smell: what do I do?

If you notice an LPG gas smell, you need to take immediate action. Our 24-hour emergency team are available on 03457 200 100.

Follow these steps, as long as it’s safe to do.

Bulk LPG Tanks

  • First, isolate the supply of gas at the tank
    1. Open the hood/inspection hatch on the tank
    2. Identify the isolation valve (shown below)
  • Close the wheel valve by turning clockwise

Gas Bottles

  • Turn off gas bottle, move to a safe place if you can.

Then call our 24-hour Emergency Team who can talk you through these next steps

  • Extinguish all possible sources of ignition within 7.5m of the leak. If the leak is indoors, extinguish any sources of ignition and gas appliances, where safe to do so
  • Don’t operate any electrical equipment – including switches.
  • Don’t smoke or vape.

If the suspected leak is indoors, increase ventilation by opening windows and doors.

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