Gaslight: Lightweight gas bottles exclusive to Flogas

Lighten the load with Gaslight

Flogas, in partnership with Hexagon Ragasco, is revolutionising the UK leisure cylinder market with our composite cylinder, Gaslight.

These lightweight gas bottles are easy to use, rust proof, and semi-translucent. A popular alternative to metal cylinders, they’re perfect for powering barbecues, camping stoves, caravans, patio heaters, and more.

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Benefits of the Gaslight cylinders

Easy to carry

No more heavy lifting. Gaslight is a lightweight gas bottle that’s around half the weight of metal cylinders, and its innovative handle design means it’s easy to lift and transport.


Gaslight is extremely compact and around half the weight of typical steel bottles, making it perfect for caravans. Not only does it take up less space, but it creates less nose weight for caravan towing, so you can pack more caravanning essentials.

Rust proof

Gaslight is made from toughened plastic and fibreglass, so unlike steel bottles, it’s completely rust proof. This means you never have to worry about any unwanted rust marks on your patio or decking.


Its semi-translucent exterior means you can always see exactly how much gas you’re using – so you never get caught out without gas.

The many ways to use Gaslight

  • For Caravans

  • For Patio Heaters

  • For BBQs

  • For Camping

  • Lightweight Gas Bottle for Caravans

    Reliable LPG on the move. Get up to 33 hours’ heating and 25 hours’ cooking at half the cylinder weight.

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  • Lightweight Gas Bottle for Patio Heaters

    Rust-free, lightweight heat for your patio. Gaslight cylinders are easy to carry, and they won’t mark your patio or decking.

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  • Lightweight Gas Bottle for BBQs

    Make barbecuing a breeze all year round. Lighter, safer and easy to use, Gaslight keeps you cooking for longer.

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  • Lightweight Gas Bottle for Camping

    More cooking time, less baggage. Super-light, easy-to-carry Gaslight is ideal for use with camping stoves.

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