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Flogas Consumer Partner Program

Together, let’s connect off-grid homes to energy for the future

Work with us to align our skills and expertise, and let’s grow our businesses together.

Play a pivotal role in offering energy solutions to customers in your area.

We’re looking to partner with installers nationwide, that can assist in converting off-grid homes on carbon-rich fuels, such as oil and solid fuels, to the cleaner, greener and more efficient solution – LPG.

If you’re a Gas Safe registered installer, we’d love to talk to you about our new Installer Partner program.

Why become a Flogas Installer Partner?

Share knowledge between partners

Our LPG experts can help upskill you and your team, whilst also helping you understand the jargon and legislation affecting the energy industry

Maximise on the opportunity identified in the off-grid market

There are 1.1 million homes still using oil, and 200,000 on solid fuel – so just think of the opportunity in your area to support some of those homes in changing to LPG.

Support us with your regional and local knowledge
Let’s grow our businesses together!

Whilst we can provide your existing customers will reliable off-grid energy solutions, we’ll also put you in touch with new customers in your local area.

Interested? Get in touch today.

For a copy of our presentation, which provides and insight into our offer and why we think you should consider working with us and grow our businesses together, just get in touch today.

Call us on 0800 012 1174 or complete our form and we’ll get in touch to discuss in more detail.

Why should your customers choose LPG?

Cost savings

Cheaper to replace oil with LPG.*
Your customers could choose interest free payment options for installations.**


Lower CO2 than oil, 30-40% lower than coal.1 LPG is clean burning and smoke-free.***

No tank maintenance

Tanks are the responsibility of the supplier – not the customer


Tanks can be installed underground.
Boilers can be installed in smaller areas.


Unlike oil, bulk LPG gas tanks are impossible to steal from (without very specialist equipment!)

Smart & high tech

LPG boilers are smart capable.
Optimal efficiency and performance.


LPG has an important role to play in decarbonising off-grid homes.
Offers a pathway to a net zero with bioLPG, a drop-in replacement – no hassle to the customer!

Complete this form and we’ll get in touch to discuss our Partner program further.

Installer Partner Enquiry

**Credit subject to status. Terms and conditions apply
***Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 – BEIS