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Metered Estates for Housing Developers

Advantages of Metered Estates

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Rural Miniature Gas Grids

As space in urban areas becomes progressively limited, we’re seeing more and more homes being built in rural areas, away from the national gas grid.

There is therefore a bigger demand for rural heating solutions than ever before; and with home owners looking to keep costs and emissions as low as possible, rural miniature gas grids – often referred to as metered estates - are becoming increasingly popular. 

Advantages of Metered Estates

A metered estate allows off-grid housing developments to operate “as if” they were on the national mains gas network by creating a miniature gas grid that provides an uninterrupted supply of LPG directly into individual homes, from bulk storage tanks located on site or underground.

By building rural houses that operate on LPG as opposed to oil or solid fuels, you’ll be providing low cost, efficient and environmentally friendly energy for heating, cooking and hot water that will reduce their carbon footprint and have all the convenience and usability of mains gas.

Additionally, each property will be fitted with an individual smart meter to ensure all billing is based on actual readings for that property rather than estimates, and full remote gas level monitoring on the storage tanks meanssupply to the homes is never interrupted.

From your point of view as a developer, all of this can make your developments more appealingand easier to sell.

Supporting You From Start to Finish

As part of DCC Energy, the leading oil and LPG sales and distribution business in Europe, Flogas has been building metered estates for over 30 years, and operates hundreds of them across the UK.

We have a specialist rural housing development team, whose sole purpose is to make it as easy as possible for developers, architects, installers and specifiers to build off-grid homes. They also work with existing estates to convert them from oil or solid fuel to LPG, with full project management to ensure a seamless transition.

The team consists of specially trained, dedicated experts who will fully manage the LPG installation process from start to finish, from the site appraisal and planning stages, through to system specification, design, installation and aftersales maintenance.