Supplier Details

Supplier Integrity

Flogas is a DCC Plc (‘DCC’) group company. Businesses in the DCC group buy and sell large volumes and a wide variety of products and services every year. Building long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with the suppliers of those products and services is a key part of our success.

DCC has set out guiding principles within its Supply Chain Integrity Policy, which can be found here. In every case, it is essential that our suppliers are able to meet the legal and ethical standards that we and our customers expect – and that, in many cases, the law requires.

We therefore ask that our suppliers:

  • Operate safely
  • Comply with all legislation, including our; 
  • Modern Slavery Act. Click here to read
  • Anti-Bribery commitment. Click here to read
  • Promote fair working conditions of pay, working hours, equality, no use of child labour.
  • Work to reduce energy consumption and their impact on climate change.
  • Minimise packaging on any products supplied to us.

We will work together with suppliers in pursuit of these objectives and will regularly assess compliance through a supplier survey.

To this extent, please complete the following questions to allow us to assess whether any further diligence is required before we are able to appoint you as a supplier or contractor for our business.

* Please note that any processing, handling or storage of Flogas customer personal data by third parties is subject to approval by the Flogas Legal and Compliance team. If you answer ‘Yes’ to this question, we will be in touch to arrange approval and safe processing, handling or storage of Flogas customer personal data.


For compliance reasons, Flogas reserves the right to periodically review these statements, however, it is your responsibility, as our supplier, to notify Flogas of any change in circumstances which would affect your answers above.

We will always handle your data carefully, and will not share your data with third parties (except for legal purposes). The information that you provide today will only be used to respond to your enquiry and for the legitimate purpose of letting you know about Flogas products and services. Find out more in our privacy policy at If you do not wish to for your information to be used to hear from us about Flogas products and services you can tell us now by calling 0800 574 574.