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Small Flogas cylinders

A range of gas bottles and appliances

Please select
  • Bottle size

    • Large
    • Medium
    • Small
  • Regulator type

    • Clip-on
    • Screw-fit
  • Product type

    • Butane
    • Propane
  • Used for

    • Barbecues
    • Camping
    • Caravans
    • Commercial use
    • DIY tools
    • Indoor cooking
    • Indoor heaters
    • Outdoor catering
    • Patio heaters
    • Small machinery
  • Price

Powering your small appliances

If you’re looking for a smaller bottle of quality fuel to power your gas BBQs or pizza ovens look no further than Flogas. We stock a variety of gas for BBQs and other leisure appliances, such as stoves and heaters.

Find a range of butane and propane gas bottles that can be used as gas for BBQs or as fuel for your indoor gas heaters and outdoor heaters.