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Switch from Electricity to LPGĀ 

LPG: The off-mains gas alternative to electricity

You don’t have to use electricity to heat your home or business 

 If you’re off-grid, electricity isn’t your only option – LPG is a reliable and dependable energy source, and you could make potential savings, all while keeping your emissions to a minimum. 

The benefits of switching from Electricity to LPG: 

Switching is as easy as 1-2-3

With Flogas, switching is easy. We’ll manage the whole process for you and will be with you every step of the way.

Hassle-free storage 

Take advantage of discreet underground or above ground gas tanks, gas bottles, or both! Plus, our Auto-Ordering service means we have your ordering covered.

No risk of power cuts

No more power cuts, just all the benefits of a mains gas supply, without being connected to the grid.

Switch to business gas

Whether you’re heating an office, running a hotel, or powering an industrial process, think about electricity vs LPG. At Flogas, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Not only can you cut your business’ energy costs*, but you’ll benefit from a reliable fuel supply — all while keeping your emissions to a minimum.

Switch to Home LPG

LPG is not only cost efficient but has the lowest carbon of any off-grid fossil fuels. Find out more about switching from electricity to LPG.


Meeting your energy needs

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Enjoy the convenience of gas

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*Source: Sutherlands domestic data (based on electric heating), April 2019. Comparing electricity representative supplier (EON Energy) single tier tariff – electric radiators (£0.18 cost per useful kWh) vs LPG Propane 1 litre LPG fired boiler (£0.09 cost per kWh)