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Switch from Solid Fuels to LPG or LNG

Reduce your carbon emissions today

Reducing your emissions

If you’re currently heating your home or powering your business’ heating or production process with solid fuels, such as coal, wood pellets or logs, you could make significant reductions in your greenhouse gas emissions. You can do so by making the change to one of the cleanest, greenest alternative off-grid fossil fuels.

The benefits of switching from solid fuel to LPG or LNG 

Cleaner and greener 

LPG emits 30-40% less carbon than solid fuels and produces significantly fewer particulates, Nitrous Oxide (NOx) and sulphur, resulting in virtually no soot being formed.

Hassle-free storage 

Take advantage of discreet underground or above ground tanks, or supplies of gas bottles, that can be located conveniently. Plus, our Auto-Ordering service means we have your ordering covered. 

Competitive pricing 

Our prices are built around you – we’ll take into account your usage and requirements to find the best price for your supply agreement. 

Dependable deliveries

We have more depots than any other UK LPG supplier, so whether you use cylinders or bulk (or both), we’ll provide a supply you can rely on. 

*(source Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 – BEIS)

Switch to Business gas

Comparing solid fuel vs LPG or LNG — you could significantly reduce your emissions and enhance efficiencies by switching from solid fuel to LPG or LNG. Gas boilers are also quiet to run and respond quickly to demand – giving you ultimate control.

Switch to Home LPG

A Flogas LPG-fired central heating system at the heart of your home delivers warmth and lashings of hot water with some of the best environmental benefits and cost savings of all off-grid fuel alternatives.


Meeting your sustainability goals


Doing your part for the environment