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As more housing developments are built off the mains gas grid, metered estates (or miniature gas grids) are becoming a particularly popular option.

They allow off-grid housing developments to operate just as though they were connected to mains gas – providing residents with a reliable, uninterrupted supply along with reduced energy costs and carbon emissions. 

Whether you’re a housing developer, local council representative or housing association, we’ll work with you to install an off-grid gas system that’s tailored to meet your needs.

What is a metered estate?

A metered estate is where LPG is piped directly to individual homes from a centralised bulk storage tank (or tanks).

This is installed either above or discreetly below ground, and provides a continuous, supply of energy to homes for heating, cooking and hot water. Each property is then fitted with its own domestic smart gas meter, so residents can be billed based on actual readings, rather than estimates.

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The benefits:

Mains gas, off the grid

Residents enjoy all the same advantages of being connected to the mains (including a controllable gas flame) in the most rural of locations.

Low carbon

LPG is a cleaner, greener alternative to solid fuels and oil, and has the lowest carbon footprint. This helps towards meeting SAP efficiency requirements, reducing the need for additional energy saving measures.

Cost effective

LPG is low cost to install (as little as £400 per property).* It can also provide significant cost savings for residents compared to other fuels.
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Unlike oil, LPG tanks can be installed discreetly underground, so views remain unspoiled.


LPG boilers come in standard sizes, so they can be easily incorporated into existing standard house designs.

*price applies to developments of 20 homes and above

Why Flogas?

We’ve been supplying metered estates for more than 35 years, and operate hundreds across the UK.

In fact, we have a specialist housing development team, whose sole purpose is to make it as easy as possible for developers, architects, installers and specifiers to build off-grid homes.

Our team manages the whole LPG installation process, from start to finish – from site appraisal and planning, through to system specification, design, installation and aftersales maintenance.

At Flogas we have the most extensive LPG delivery network in the UK and offer an automated top up service, so residents can always rely on a dependable supply. They also benefit from a dedicated Flogas account manager and have access to a free online account – a quick and easy way to make payments, submit meter readings and view account activity.

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