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Switch to liquid gas

Are you heating your business

using oil?

Start your journey to Net Zero with Flogas

If you’re off the mains gas grid, and using oil for heating, replacing your oil boiler for a Liquid Gas solution could deliver the savings your business craves.

You could benefit from carbon savings as Liquid Gas is a lower-carbon alternative to oil with LPG having approximately a 20% lower carbon intensity*

To see how much you could save, check out our emissions savings calculator:

*Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors, BEIS, 2019

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A customer case study – Lords of the Manor

Lords of the Manor Hotel switched from oil to Liquid Gas with Flogas, resulting in approximately 22% carbon savings per year and an estimated saving of £22,000 annually on energy costs.

The benefits of switching from oil to Liquid Gas

Cost savings

Benefit from potential financial savings

Meet air pollution reduction targets any ongoing tank maintenance

Meet legislative requirements such as Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and ErP

Start your journey to Net Zero

Switching to Liquid Gas will help you on the path to Net Zero

Greater efficiency

Changing to a new condensing Liquid Gas boiler can improve efficiencies by up to 21%**

Minimal maintenance

Liquid Gas tanks are Flogas’s responsibility, so we’ll take care of any ongoing tank maintenance

Flexible solutions

With Liquid Gas, space doesn’t matter. You can have above, underground tanks or gas bottles


100% carbon neutral gas available Summer 2021

More information to follow

Switch and save with Flogas

Why switch from oil to liquid gas?

Switching from oil to Liquid Gas is simple:

We’ll assess your energy requirements

Our energy experts will discuss your requirements and will work with you to design a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

We’ll install your energy solution

We’ll work with our carefully selected partners to install your Liquid Gas solution.

You’ll have a reliable Liquid Gas supply all year around!

With the largest off grid gas distribution network, Auto-Ordering, and dedicated account management, you’ll have a hassle free energy supply!

We’re with you all the way: What you get from Flogas


Reliable delivery

We have the largest off grid gas distribution network in the UK


Bespoke turnkey solution

We’ll design a bespoke energy solution to suit your business


Excellent service

We have a team of dedicated account managers on hand to help every step of the way


Carbon Offsetting

As well as reducing your carbon emissions by switching from oil to gas, you can also offset your gas carbon emissions!

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We’ll top up your tank when you’re running low – taking the hassle out of ordering your energy

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A customer case study: Carden Park Hotel

Carden Park Hotel switched from oil to LPG, reducing it’s energy costs and carbon emissions by approximately 22% and 23% respectively.

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