Switch your electricity to LPG today

Electricity To LPG Gas Supply

Fed up with your inefficient and expensive electric heating system?

If you're currently using electricity to heat your home, you could be missing out. By switching to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) you could:

  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Lower your environmental impact with the lowest carbon fossil fuel available in rural areas
  • Reduce Energy Waste
  • Cook on a controllable gas flame
  • Enjoy instant heat and hot water
  • Benefit from a cosy living flame fire

With a FREE no obligation survey and quote, we'll show you how much you could save.

Switching from electricity, the facts

  • An LPG fired central heating system will heat your home economically and efficiently and heat your hot water too.
  • LPG emits less greenhouse gas and produces significantly fewer particulates, NOX and sulphur, resulting in virtually no soot being formed.
  • An LPG central heating system is just like being on mains gas, giving you quick and responsive heat throughout your home.
  • Your LPG heating system will provide you with hot water quickly and easily.
  • As an LPG user, you also have the options of cooking with gas and enjoying a real-flame fire.
  • LPG can be used alongside renewable technologies reducing running costs even further.
  • Flogas will install an LPG storage tank in your garden, this can be above or below ground. Flogas will maintain the tank and will remain fully responsible for its safe operation.
  • Using our state of the art telemetry system, we'll keep track of your usage and deliver your gas to you when you need it, taking all the hassle from the ordering process.