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Gas Bottle Ownership & Safety

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Our steel and composite LPG cylinders are designed to provide many years of safe and reliable service. Flogas retains legal ownership and responsibility for all our cylinders throughout their use-life.

Through decades of successful growth, Flogas has acquired substantial cylinder stocks, which carry a variety of brand markings, in addition to our own. Only Flogas is permitted to fill these cylinders, and Flogas is permitted to fill only the cylinders we own.

To provide assurance of safety, our refillable cylinders are designed to be checked and filled with the correct gas at our specially equipped centres by trained personnel, in line with the recognised industry standards.

We ensure that when our cylinders are returned to us, they are fully checked each time they are refilled, tested and requalified at appropriate intervals (Periodic Inspection), and ultimately disposed of in a safe manner at the end of their useful life.


To ensure that our cylinder stock continues to comply with all necessary regulations, Flogas maintains its own accredited Inspection Body (UKAS Accredited Inspection Body № 0435), which is able to undertake the Periodic Inspection of our welded steel cylinders.

Our Cylinder Requalification Facility is accredited in the UK by UKAS and – under the surveillance of the Instituto Tecnológico Do Gás (ITG), Portugal (EU Notified Body № 1006) – is also certified to carry out the Periodic Inspection of certain cylinders to be used within the EU and Northern Ireland.

Our facility is regularly audited independently by ITG and UKAS, as well as the Flogas HSEQ team, to assure our conformity with all necessary standards and support us in safeguarding the welfare of our dedicated workforce.

Commitment to Impartiality

Accredited to the International Standard for Inspection Bodies that perform Conformity Assessment (ISO/IEC 17020), Flogas Britain Ltd. has committed absolutely to maintaining the independence of our requalification facility as a Type B Inspection Body.

We are proud that, on this basis, Flogas is appointed by the VCA as an Approved Body for the inspection of Transportable Pressure Equipment (ApBo 2263).

Our appointment by the VCA is predicated on the separation of our statutory responsibilities as a cylinder owner – a Competent Gas Organisation – from those of our Inspection Body, and the commitment of our top management to maintaining its impartiality.

Enacted at the highest level of our organisation, our Quality & Impartiality Policy safeguards our facility from conflicts of interest and provides assurance of its ongoing objectivity.

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