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How do I know if my cylinder is empty?

All cylinders have a tare weight disk showing the weight of the cylinder, we then fill the bottle to the required amount it can hold. To check how much gas is remaining we would recommend using scales.

For example the total weight of a 13kg cylinder is 25kg – the bottle weighs 12kg and the gas weighs 13kg.

To check how much gas is remaining, place the bottle on a scale and check the weight. In this example, if the scales show 14kg, the original bottle weight was 12kg, so this would mean there is 2kg of gas left in the cylinder.

If you bottle is empty and you wish to either return it or order a new one you can do this either through the website shop or your account.

Simply choose the bottle you wish to order and when prompted, select yes where it says ‘Do you have a cylinder to return’. You can also check previous orders in your account if you’re unsure which cylinder you have.

You can swap your gas cylinder for any cylinder within the same category. There is no charge when swapping a cylinder within the same category.

If you’re not sure which category your cylinder is in, check here. The driver will deliver your new cylinder and take the old one away to be refilled.

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