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How do I know what size regulator I need for my appliance?

Most appliances will have a regulator fitted during production and therefore the need to select the correct regulator will be unnecessary. However, where an appliance has, for some reason no regulator fitted, care and caution is required to replace the original with the correct substitute.

Please note that it may be extremely dangerous to operate an appliance on the wrong regulator. A low pressure appliance for example fitted with a high pressure regulator could have serious consequences, either risk of fire and or injury. An appliance which should be operated with a high pressure regulator but has been fitted with low pressure control will not burn efficiently and will produce the results of incomplete combustion – carbon monoxide – hence a serious health and safety hazard.

It is therefore important to inspect the data badge which should be present on all gas appliances in order to determine the correct pressure required for the appliance and its power rating in BTUs or kWs. Once this has been established we will be in a position to advise what regulator is appropriate and safe to use. Please contact us or email [email protected].

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