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Why is my account in credit?

Your account could be in credit for a number of reasons.

If you’re a bulk LPG customer, you may have paid for an order of gas but we delivered less than you paid for. As we only ever fill your tank to 85% to allow for the expansion of gas during warm weather, you may find the quantity of litres that you paid for was more than the litres we were able to deliver.

If you pay us by budget Direct Debit don’t forget that you spread the cost of your gas over 12 payments, this means your account will go into credit and debit throughout the year. At the end of each budget year we will review your payments, and adjust your payment amount if needed. However if you are concerned about the level of credit or debit please get in touch with an advisor today who will be happy to review your account and discuss this with you.

You might be able to find how you’ve built up a credit on your account by reviewing your recent transactions online at

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