Frequently asked questions

Will I be charged for the cylinder?

When you buy gas from us in a cylinder, you'll be asked to pay a 'cylinder charge' for each cylinder. This is because it will remain our property and it is being provided to you only for the purposes of using the gas supplied. When the cylinder is empty, you can simply exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder or return the empty cylinder to us.

You can return your gas cylinder for any cylinder within the same category:

Small cylinder category:

Propane: 11kg, 6kg, 4.7kg, 3,9kg

Butane: 7kg, 4.5kg

Leisure Gas category:

11kg and 6kg

Gaslight category:

10kg and 5kg

13kg butane and large cylinders are like for like only.

Large cylinder category:

47kg, 19kg, 18kg FLT, 11kg FLT

Cylinder charges:

Small cylinder category and Leisure Gas category: £30.62

Gaslight category: £49.96

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