Cylinder Handling & Use

General Advice

  • Do not store or use bottles in the horizontal position. A leak could be very serious and liquid could enter gas lines.

  • Do not drop bottles off vehicles or platforms, as damage to bottles and valves can be caused.

  • Always display safety and operating notices prominently.

  • Don't change or store bottles in the presence of naked flames.

  • Trace leaks using liquid detergent solution, NEVER a naked flame.

  • Never store or use below ground level, as any leakage will collect at low levels. Storage should be well ventilated, preferably outdoors.

  • Don't use tools to operate bottle valves.

  • Propane bottles should not be used indoors for domestic appliances, due to their higher pressure.

  • Always replace safety caps/plugs when the bottle is empty or not in use.

  • Check hoses regularly. Ensure properly secured with hose clips. If hoses are damaged or showing signs of wear, replace them (using hose of correct quality)

Emergency Telephone: 03457 200 100