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18kg FLT Propane Gas Cylinder

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This bottle has been created designed specifically for Fork Lift Trucks (FLTs). Keeping FLTs running smoothly, all our propane gas cylinders are fitted with magnets, to stop metallic debris from entering the fuel injection system, and pumps are protected by ‘Y-Strainer’ filters.

This gas cylinder is filled with 18kg of propane gas.

Gas Cylinder Charges

When you buy gas from us in a cylinder, you'll be asked to pay a 'cylinder charge' for each cylinder. This is because it will remain our property and it is being provided to you only for the purposes of using the gas supplied. When the cylinder is empty, you can simply exchange it for a pre-filled cylinder or return the empty cylinder to us.

You can return your gas cylinder for any cylinder within the same category. Please note if you are returning a cylinder and wish to buy one belonging to a different category, a charge will be applied.

Product code: 50003

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Don’t change or store bottles in the presence of naked flames.
  • Don’t use tools to operate bottle valves.
  • Do check hoses regularly for damage and ensure they’re properly secured with hose clips. Replace damaged hoses immediately.

For more gas bottle safety go to


7.5 Hours of FLT operating time
Return over 70 different cylinder brands


  • Capacity: 18kg FLT
  • Tare Weight: 18kg (typical)
  • Height: 810mm approx
  • Diameter: 315mm approx
  • Recommended Offtake: 63,000 BTU/ hr


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