5kg Gaslight

£28.90exc. VAT£30.35 inc. VAT

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery.View more product detailsCylinder charges explained

Do you have a Gaslight cylinder to return?

Please note; the bottle you're returning must be identical to the bottle you’re purchasing (the same size and type). If the actual number of empty cylinder returns is fewer than those specified then additional cylinder charges may apply.

As you don't have a cylinder to return, a cylinder charge of £49.96 (non-refundable) will be added to your order.

Buying LPG cylinders regularly?

Frequent users can save money on their cylinder gas.

Return over 70 different cylinder brands

Takes a 27mm Regulator

Lightweight Cylinder - easier to handle


The 5kg Gaslight bottle is ideal for patio heaters and BBQs...

It's Lighter

Make handling issues a thing of the past.

It's Safer

Gaslight holds the best safety record in the industry and its patented construction withstands a burst pressure that is twice as high as their steel counterparts.

It's Translucent

Worried about running out? With Gaslights visible gas level, you can easily see when it’s time to refill.


Product Code:50027

Average usage times

17 hours of heating with one burner

13 hours of cooking with two burners

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