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How do you calculate the monthly budget where no delivery history exists?

If you have recently moved into a property, we have no delivery history to determine a monthly budget.

If there is no existing balance to pay, based on the average size house, we commence monthly instalments at £100 and review this periodically. The first instalment is payable immediately followed by 11 monthly payments by direct debit.

We will always notify you of any change in the amount due at least 14 days in advance and quarterly statements will be issued.

Where a credit balance accrues in your favour and the amount exceeds one monthly instalment it will be refunded in full on the anniversary date and a revised monthly payment calculated and advised.

Where monthly payments are insufficient to meet your consumption we will notify you of the calculated amount required and increase your direct debit payments. You may of course make a lump sum payment at any time and discuss your direct debit amount with us.

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