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Why do I pay a Standing Charge?

In simple terms your standing charge covers the various costs associated with supplying your property with gas – including the delivery of gas, maintenance of the gas tank(s) and regular testing.  For Metered customers this includes your meter and relevant pipework.

The tank(s) which hold your gas supply remains the property of Flogas. This means that we take responsibility for the safety of the gas tank, ensuring that it is at all times maintained to the highest possible industry and national regulatory standards.

Here are some of the measures we take to ensure your peace of mind:

  • Each time we make a delivery of gas to you, our driver performs a visual inspection of the gas tank. If the driver has any concerns about any aspect of the tank from a safety and general maintenance point of view they will immediately report this to our Installations and Maintenance Department. Further inspection will be carried out by one of our experienced gas installers, who will carry out any maintenance work that may be required.
  • All of our tanks are subjected to a full test and re-qualification on their 10th anniversary.
  • These tests are performed by our maintenance personnel and are an important part of our commitment to your safety.
  • All tanks have a unique identifier number which means that we can keep a full record of their history and schedule maintenance when required.

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