Cylinder Troubleshooting

LPG Cylinder Troubleshooting

Forklift Truck Cylinders

If you have connected a new forklift truck bottle (18kg/12kg) and find that no gas is reaching the engine, it is probably due to the excess flow valve being shut. This valve is designed to stop the gas flow if it becomes excessively large eg. if the hose were to rupture. The valve can close accidentally if a cylinder has been connected and the cylinder valve is turned on suddenly, as this will result in a very high flow rate. This can be rectified by closing the cylinder valve, stopping the gas flow for a few seconds and allowing the excess flow valve to react. SLOWLY reopen the cylinder valve.

Butane Cylinders

If the ambient temperature approaches freezing, vapour will not pass through the regulator due to insufficient internal pressure. The cylinder should be taken to a warm room and allowed to warm up naturally for approximately 1 hour. Do not apply external heat to the cylinder (e.g. putting the cylinder next to a radiator or fire).

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