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LPG - the reliable, efficient, affordable fuel choice

Whether you're getting rid ouf your out-dated, dirty oil or solid fuel heating system or looking to install the best fuel for off-grid homes, choosing an LPG central heating system means you can rely on instant and efficient heating and hot water.

It's just like being on mains gas, even when you're off-grid.

If you’re currently using fossil fuels in your home, like oil or coal,  then switching to an LPG central heating system will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money too.

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How to switch

It is easy to switch from oil, solid fuel or electricity to LPG and our team of experts are on hand to advise you every step of the way.

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We'll give you 10 good reasons to Switch from Oil to LPG

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Want 9 reasons to switch from solid fuel to LPG?

Of course you do

Electricity isn't the only fuel if you're not on mains gas.

LPG is the answer

An option for everyone

When you switch to LPG, you’ll have the option of a bulk LPG tank supply or LPG cylinders.

Bulk LPG tanks

We’ll install an LPG storage tank either above or below ground at your home. We can also monitor your usage and Top Up your gas when you need it –so you can relax and leave the whole ordering process to the experts. 

LPG cylinders and bottles

You select the best LPG gas cylinder from our diverse range to meet your exact needs – whether it’s heating your home, cooking on gas, portable heaters to keep you warm all winter or firing up the summer BBQs. 

All cylinders come with a free delivery service too. 

Extra benefits:

Competitive prices

We'll work with you to calculate a price based in what LPG you use and when you use it, to give you your best price.

35 years' experience

We’ve been supporting customers for more than 35 years, so you’re in safe hands!

Dependable deliveries

We have more depots than any other LPG supplier in the UK – so however remote your home is, we can easily reach you.

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