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Above-ground tanks

Above-ground LPG storage tanks have long been the main choice for those living off-grid to store their gas. Our experts will carry out a full site survey to find the best size and place for your tank, and our installations will fit it – so you’ll be up and running as quick as possible.

You can choose remote monitoring and auto Top Up so you don't even have to read your gauge or place orders - we do it all for you.

Underground tanks

Underground LPG storage tanks are fast becoming a popular choice, so if space is a premium, or even if you just don’t want a tank on show our engineers will bury your tank in a convenient location, so all you see is a small green inspection hatch. You still benefit from our remote monitoring and auto top-up: for gas that’s truly out of sight, out of mind.

Get a quote today and we’ll book an appointment with one of our energy experts to survey your site.

Whether above or below ground your LPG storage tank will be regularly inspected and interval tested by the Flogas maintenance team to ensure that you never have anything to worry about.


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We make it easy

Whether you require an LPG gas tank or LPG storage tanks for heating, cooking or hot water, Flogas provide such a reliable supply that you’d never know you were off the grid.

A bulk LPG tank is our most popular option for rural, off-grid areas. LPG tanks can be discreetly placed above or below ground in your garden. We’ll use a state-of-the-art telemetry system to remotely monitor your gas usage and automatically top you up when you're running low. Let us take care of your LPG supply so you don't have to.

Dependable deliveries

We have more depots than any other LPG supplier in the UK – so however remote your home is, we can easily reach you to refill your domestic fuel tank. 

Thanks to our high-tech telemetry systems you benefit from automated gas top-up whenever you need it. Our advanced delivery notification service also means you’ll know when to expect your gas delivery, for full peace of mind. 

Quick & easy installation

If you’re not set up yet, we can manage your LPG gas tank installation from start to finish. We have a range of LPG tank sizes to meet your exact needs. All you have to do is choose whether you’d like your LPG gas tank to be discreetly placed either above or below ground in your garden.

Supply you can rely on

Auto top-up, when you’re running low.

Above-ground or underground – whichever storage option you choose, your Flogas tank will be fitted with its own telemetry unit. This monitors your gas usage and lets us know when it’s time for a delivery. When it comes to reliable supply, we’ve got you covered.

Extra benefits:

Competitive prices

We’ll work with you to calculate a price based on what LPG you use and when you use it, to give you your best price.

35 years' experience

We’ve been supporting customers for more than 35 years, so you’re in safe hands!

Dependable deliveries

We have more depots than any other LPG supplier in the UK – so however remote your home is, we can easily reach you.

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